Friday, 25 March 2011

2011 Victoria Grizzlies Prospects Camp Day 2

~There is nothing stronger then the heart of a hockey player trying to prove themselves~

Day one of the Grizzlies 2011-2012 season is in the books, with many great players strutting their stuff, but it's far from over. There are still two more days of this camp and Day Two will be no sloach for anyone involved.

The Grizzlies are losing 14 players from this past season, which deals a huge blow to the chemistry of the team. However, this is also providing many young players with a unique opportunity to crack the Junior "A" ranks. Saturday is nothing but competition, and is the one big day to make your greatest impression.

Day two (Saturday, March 26th) 

Begins at 8:00am with Team 1 (Black) vs Team 4 (RED).

9:15am - Team 2 (White) vs Team 3 (Gold)

10:30am - Team 5 (Green) vs Team 8 (Grey)

11:45am - Team 6 (Blue) vs Team 7  (Burgundy)

1:00pm - Team 1 (Black) vs Team 3 (Gold)

2:15pm - Team 2 (White) vs Team 4 (Red)

3:30pm - Team 5 (Green) vs Team 7 - (Burgundy)

4:45pm - Team 6 (Blue) vs Team 8 (Grey)

Those participating are reminded that you should play these games as if there is no tomorrow. Play your hearts out, one shift at a time, make a good impression and you'll make the All-Star team on Sunday. Play as if this is a real game, but not just any game, play it as if it was the Stanley Cup Finals. Skate that much faster, hit that much harder and light the lamp.

Don't take breaks, don't stop skating, push yourself harder and farther then you ever have before and you will make an Impression on Head Coach Victor Gervais, not to mention Assistant Coach Brad Cook and Goal-tending Coach Dean Whitney.

Let's do this

~Hoo Rah!~

Adam Sargent

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