Saturday, 26 March 2011

The Final Day of Prospects Camp

~An old tiger sensing it's end is at it's most fierce~

It has finally come down to the final day of the 2011 Grizzlies prospects camp and there has been some amazing hockey played inside the BEAR.

I mentioned yesterday that Day 2 was your biggiest day to impress scouts and the Grizzlies coaching staff. While that statement is held to be true, tomorrow (March 27th) is your last opportunity to make a statement. It's do or die now, with only four games remaining, this is your last chance to make a strong push with hopes of making the All-Star selection.

The final day will go down as follows:

8:00am -  Team 1 (Black) vs Team 8 (Grey)

9:15am - Team 2 (White) vs Team 7 (Burgundy)

10:30am - Team 3 (Gold) vs Team 6 (Blue)

11:45am - Team 4 (Red) vs Team 5 (Green)

1:00pm - 2nd Goalie Session

2:00pm - All-Star Game

It's been a pleasure watching the assortment of young talent that has been assembled on the ice these past two days and I see no reason why day 3, the final day will be any different.

Remember, keep your head up, skate harder and faster then you ever thought possible.
Most importantly, HAVE FUN, if your not having fun, then you don't belong on the ice.

Adam Sargent.

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