Sunday, 13 March 2011

Game 4: Grizzlies 5 - Kings 2

The Victoria Grizzlies have the #2 CJHL ranked Powell River Kings on the brink of elimination with a 5-2 victory saturday night at the BEAR.

The three star selection was all Victoria:

3) Taylor Pernerowski (1 goal, 1 assist)
2) Justin Fillion (1 goal, 3 assists)
1) David Morley (2 goals, 3 assists)

After two games going to overtime and the Grizzlies acheiving victory in both, they did something phenomenal, they proved that the Kings are not invincible with a 5-2 victory on home ice to hold a 3 games to 1 stranglehold on the series.

What is shocking is how one of the most talented and successful teams in Canada this year, the Powell River Kings have turned into a younger rendition of the Charlestown Cheifs. It was appauling to watch a team wtih so much skill and talent reduce themselves to goons. No one can argue this, not even Kings fans as their players are blatantly trying to hurt and maim our players.

The referiing was horrendous in game 4, Benbow should be stripped of his right to ref in the BCHL as he would look straight at a Kings player double handed chop our team captain across the wrist and do nothing. What got assistant coach Len Barrie upset was the massive amount of head shots the Kings would deliver to the Grizzlies after the whistle blew that went un-penalized. This has got to stop, and I hope John Grisdale, who was in attendence will slap the Kings with disciplanary action soon.

While I know some on the Powell River side will argue that Peirce Eviston's hit in the first period was cheap with intent to injury, I tell them to look at a video review like I did. It is clear their guy cut in front and collided with Eviston who was primed for a hit. His hit was also clean, it was shoulder, he didn't leave his feet. Yes its unfortunate their player got injured but in no way did Eviston mean to hurt him.

This series is still far from over, as come monday night, game five goes down in Powell River and in facing elimination, the Kings will throw everything but the kitchen sink at the Grizzlies.

However if the Grizzlies can play like they did during the third period of game three and the whole game four, they should have no problem clinching in five.

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