Monday, 28 March 2011

The Last Week Of March

~ Tricks truth, and madness lies but a sliver in the stream ~

The last week of March is upon us and with it comes many feelings. There is happiness, sadness, regret, joy and hope. While not everyone experiences these feelings in the same way, at some point in time they have their purpose for everyone.

1) Grizzlies Nation is in hibernation til August = Sadness
2) Didn't increase Grizzlies attendance by 500 = Regret
3) The RBC Cup is still a month away = Hope
4) Canucks are close to snagging the Presidents Trophy = Joy
5) Family continues to support my hockey dreams = Happiness

Those are just a few things that have come up in my mind starting this week.

All during this week I am helping my best friend Sean with some sprinkler fitting around Victoria to make some cash, lord knows I need it. Ever since I returned from Dauphin Manitoba, I have been taking a Public Relations course online at UVIC, all my Grizzlies work is volunteer, and I don't see any money from my friend Whit's BC Karaoke Championships til it's all over. While sprinkler fitting takes me out of my beloved suits, it does fill me with a sense of pride that I can still do manual labour, and do it very well.

While I will be making no money when I go to Camrose, Alberta for the 2011 RBC cup, I will be getting great experience in the role of "Media Relations" for Hockey Canada for the national junior "A" championship. The hopes is that I will make even more connections and possibly get my big break into either Hockey Canada itself or another hockey organization that would pay me to be their Public/Media Relations guy.

Also this week is the above mentioned BC Karaoke Championship competition that my buddy Whitney John Stuart created. While I am the Vancouver Island Account Manager, the only two cities that wanted to play ball was Victoria and Duncan. Up island in the Cowichan Valley, the Roadhouse Pub just before the bridge runs our karaoke night on Tuesdays and Wednesdays choosing a qualifier each night. Right now we are on week 6 for them, so that means after this week, only 4 more weeks remain. Meanwhile down here in the capital, the Vlounge on douglas street above the Fox Showroom Pub hosts their night on Tuesday starting around 11pm. The Vlounge is only on week 5 and has 5 more weeks after this one. With two winners a week for 10 weeks, the 20 qualifiers will gather for a regional competition in which only two will be choosen to move on to Vancouver for the chance to win TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS worth in prizes.

Visit for more details.

While my hope is to work for a professional hockey team one day, I can't deny how fun it is to smooch and deal and create something out of nothing. The future is mystery, it's what makes life worth living I think.

Adam Sargent

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