Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Vancouver: A Goalie Graveyard?

Where does all this massive hate on for Roberto Luongo come from?

The Vancouver Canucks had probably the best season of their 40 year history in 2010-2011 despite coming up one game short again in the Stanley Cup Finals. The team won the Presidents Trophy with a 59-19-9 record good for 117 points. They scored the most goals with 262 and gave up the fewest at 185.

However the majority of people out there will see only one thing, the sole blame on the shoulders of Roberto Luongo who gave up 16 goals in 3 outings resulting in falling short of the holy grail. People seem to forget it was Luongo who got them to the cup final. It's so easy to go and hate on Luongo and put the blame on him, why? Because he is the goalie and it's easier to pick on that position. What was Luongo suppose to do when the players in front of him only potted 7 goals over seven games, the pressure would have been less if the Canucks could have scored more goals and would probably be enjoying the summer as cup champs.

Despite any defense for Luongo from the faithful fans in Vancouver, the only voice the world is hearing is the haters and band wagoners who blame Roberto for the loss. It's this disheartening attitude and slogans of slander that will eventually run Roberto Luongo out of town, probably to an arch rival whom will end up winning the cup with him between the pipes.

Ever since the days of Broduer and McLean, the Canucks nation has been begging the hockey gods for a #1 netminder and we finally got him in 2007, but with the fear of losing and the 0-3 track record in cup finals fresh in the minds of the world, I fear Luongos days in Vancouver are limited. Think of the rag tag goalies the Canucks have had throughout their franchise, and only the affirmentioned goalies above stand out as memorable.

It takes a team to win the Stanley Cup, and it takes a team to lose the Stanley Cup. The Sedins needed to contribute more, they need to be more then one trick cycle ponies in order to shake defenders. Kesler was injured as was ten other players on the team. I'm by no means making excuses, they lost to the better team, all I'm saying is, if you must cast blame, share it around and if your a so called fan, put some on your shoulders for doubting your team.

It wasn't Luongos fault, and if we aren't careful, we may end up losing a great goalie and sink into another decade of depression in net wondering where it all went wrong.

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